Company politicies

Quality politics

Brindar servicio buscando superar los requerimientos y expectativas de nuestros clientes en la comercialización de los productos que manejamos para los mercados industriales que atendemos, siendo pro-activos en la solución de sus necesidades.

Cumplir con la normatividad y requisitos aplicables. Utilizar la mejora continua como medio para darle mayor valor agregado a nuestro trabajo.

Food Safety Policy

Carry out the reception, storage and distribution (loading) of the products that we commercialize, guaranteeing safety, through continuous improvement, effective internal and external communication, ensuring a necessary and relevant competence for the fulfillment of safety objectives, as well as legal, regulatory and customer requirements.

Social Responsibility Policy

Makymat will always be governed by the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, established in ISO 26000 practicing ethical behaviors and a humane, fair and responsible treatment, respecting Human Rights, maintaining a permanent commitment to our stakeholders: collaborators, shareholders, corporate governance , customers, suppliers, contractors, competition, authorities, with our community and taking care of the environment.

Quality and safety

For several years at Makymat we have been committed to quality, which is why since 2002 we are certified under the ISO 9001 standard and currently in the 2015 version and since 2006 we have established a food safety management system, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO22000 standard through the implementation of Good Storage Practices and Prerequisite Programs. Being the first company certified in the country under this standard, we are currently FSSC22000 certified.
In addition, our products meet high standards of quality and regulation, such as Food Chemical Codex, in the case of corn-derived excipients for Health and Personal Care use, attachment can be guaranteed with one or more of the USP, EP monographs. , JP. Some of our products can also comply as appropriate with certifications of NON GMO, GMP, Kosher, etc.

"We know that quality and service will give us the most important certification for us, which is the trust and loyalty of our customers."

Social responsability 

We join a program supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Government of the State of Mexico and the Universidad Anáhuac, called IDEARSE through which we seek to act with Corporate Social Responsibility through a continuous and permanent commitment, to respond for the social impact, economic and environmental of our activities, and guarantee human and sustainable development.
We carry out Social Responsibility actions based on the principles and matters supported by the ISO 26000 Standard. This model serves to guide our work in Social Responsibility, and as such, we are carrying out programs that respond to a common goal.
-Report of Social Responsibility activities 2020.