In Makymat our goal is to bring you differentiated high-tech ingredients and systems focused into the manufacturing and packaging for the food industry, and ingredients in the health and personal care and paint and coating industries.

Since our establishment in 1989, as part of  Corporación Premiumand through our experience and knowledge of the market we have managed to bring together a group of representations of worldwide important companies in each of its sectors, in addition to using their ingredients for the formulation of solutions to your needs.

Our approach is strongly based in service, supported on an ISO 9001: 2018 management system, ISO 22000:2015 food safety system and ISO 26000 social responsibility system, the development of a partnership relationship with our customers is a win-win . The customer is at the center of our processes, we live and work for them.


We are a conscious and respectful of the environment and participate in the improvement and social contribution to it. In addition we look to constantly promote the overall development of all our staff.

We manage our company through a continuous improvement system. We are always innovating and improving to serve better our customers.

All our actions are focused on the vision of becoming a leading company in our industry.


The fundamental values in which we govern our activities in the company are:




Service spirit



Business Relationships

In Makymat we believe in long-term relationships that generate simultaneous growth of both parties. It is our goal that this relationship does not refer only to “trading”, but that it grows to become a “society”, in which we can contribute to your needs and in turn enrich our experience through working with you.


We have earned the important National recognition of "The Best Mexican Companies®" This is granted to Mexican private companies, small and medium sized, for their high performance in business management, being also a platform to show, recognize and promote the best business practices. It is important to mention that we have received this recognition for the 5th time in a row in 2018 and we will continue to work for it in 2019 and beyond.

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